Online Mixing

Online mixing is the process by which all separate parts of a song (drums, bass, vocals, synths etc) are individually balanced, panned, EQ'd, have effects (i.e. reverb, delay) and dynamics such as compression applied to them. The main issues that arise without professional mixing are:

•   Unbalanced – levels are inconsistent due to lack of proper listening environment

•   Lack of clarity and instruments overlapping each other due to lack of proper positioning in the mix

•   Vocals are hard to distinguish

•   Improper use of FX


The difference between amateur and professional mixing can be ASTONISHING and turns a great piece of music into a SERIOUSLY great piece of music.

With Tweak Music’s online mixing service

•   You’ll get a totally balanced mix due to our top of the range speakers in our acoustically treated studio

•   You’ll get a crystal clear mix ready for radio play, release, or to stick up on Soundcloud

•   Your mix will have all instruments sat in their own space with proper positioning and mixing through out top of the range equipment

•   Your vocals will sound perfectly compressed, de-essed and each syllable is crystal clear in the mix

•   You won’t have to try and bodge the mix or master yourself…leave it to the professionals with our trained ears and top notch studios


You’ll benefit from:

•   Your own dedicated Mixing Engineer who is ultra experienced in your genre

•   Up to 4 Free revisions of your song to ensure you’re 100% happy (completed in 2 revisions in most cases)

•   Direct communication with your engineer via email and skype

•   11 Years experience with the best in the business

•   The very best in analogue and digital equipment

•   Lightning fast turnaround times


Online Mastering

Online mastering is the final stage in the audio post production process. It ’s the stage where your completed mixdown is treated as one file and really brought to life. All elements of the mixdown will be enhanced and the song will be processed to sound ready for radio play, soundcloud and to sound as good as possible for all listening mediums. You really want your music to blow people’s socks off, and without professional mastering, your song won’t be shining to it’s true potential.

Our online mastering services provides:

•   Overall EQ which is consistent throughout your whole song

•   Attention to volume levels - we keep them loud without losing dynamics

•   Noise removal and attention to any area which is required to get your music sounding as possible

•   More separation between instruments in the mix

•   Industry standard volume fades and spacing


We use separate engineers in separate studios for mixing and mastering. It’s highly beneficial to have 2 different engineers to work on your song who are experts in their field.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is a Hybrid Mastering option that gives the Mastering Engineer more control over your Mix and help fix issues that could not be fixed during Mastering alone. For instance, if there is a problem in the vocals (getting them to sit right in the mix) you would send all your vocals on one stereo stem and the rest of the music on another stereo stem. This gives us the ability to have more control over the vocals and fix issues. Another example would be if you had an issue with the bass guitar. You would send the bass on 1 stereo stem, the vocals on 1, and the rest of the instruments on another stereo stem. We recommend that vocals always be separated out for stem mastering because they are usually an issue when making adjustments. This is also why we offer up to 3 stems at no additional charge.

Critiques And Advice

Our engineers are always happy to provide free critique or advice on your song. If you’re looking for pointers in the mix, master or just a general opinion - we are happy to take a listen and give you our honest feedback.  Click here to go to the contact page and drop us a line!

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