At Tweak Music we pride ourselves in providing YOU the client with the best mixing services possible. We know how overwhelming it can be to go through the process of sorting everything out and that's why we have made the process as simple as possible - plus, we’re always on hand to give you our help. We have been in your position in the past so we know how you’re feeling.


Over the years, we've dealt with thousands of clients who have ordered mixing services so we know what needs to be done and when. With everything from general questions and advice through to revisions on your master, we always give your full care and attention with everything we do. We're not just ultra-cool music engineers, we're also experienced businessmen too and our clients and sterling reputation are very important to us!


The process for ordering mixing services is very simple. You can go right ahead and sign up here and use our dedicated, secure mixing uploader and we will get a notification when your upload is complete. You have the opportunity to include notes with your upload and we will always adhere to these as closely as possible. If there are ever any issues, we will contact you via email, Skype or phone to go over anything and make sure everything is in place from the get-go.


Depending on what type of mixing services you order, your dedicated engineer will get to work as soon as their schedule allows. We work with every genre imaginable here at Tweak Music and we absolutely love all types of music. We've mixed and mastered everything from rock n roll to old school hip hop, classical and techno and love mixing obscure, cross-genre stuff too.


The most standard of mixing services can usually mean that you have produced/recorded your own song and you are looking for a full mixdown to sound like your favourite artists. This would mean that you export each of your audio tracks from within your project from bar 0 to the end of the song whilst being sure to take off any effects and pan everything central and upload these so our engineers can drop them in, in time to their software. We ask for all the effects and pan to be taken off so that your engineer can have control over the audio and take it in the direction they/you wish. Don’t be confused by any of those terms, everything is explained in detailed before you upload your project.


You may wish to order additional mixing services such as pitch correction, a radio edit (removing profanities) or fix some timing issues. These can all be done at a small half-hourly rate and can be discussed before we start on your project. Most clients choose to include mastering with their order and this is done by our chief mastering engineer, Andy at the awesome mastering studio.


We work on our mixing services in one studio and mastering services in another and with separate engineers. This brings a great benefit as opposed to one engineer as you will get a fully trained mixing engineer working on your project and a fully experienced mastering engineer too. 2 sets of ears and 2 different listening environments is essential if you are wanting to get the very best out of your music.


What are the most common questions people have about our mixing services? We work with everyone from bedroom producers through to some of the most high end artists and TV and Film companies but if someone has never used our mixing services in the past, there are a few questions they may have.


How long does the online mixing process take? We will get your project scheduled to be mixed and/or mastered as soon as possible. We're working on projects every single day (with the odd Sunday off) and our turnaround time for mixing services is typically anywhere from 1 (urgent) to 4 days.


What if I need some additional mixing services such as a radio edit? There's a small charge for additional services which can be seen if you click here to go to our rates page. Simply let us know when uploading your project and we can be sure to include these extras. We wait until the final mix has been signed off on by all parties before doing a radio edit so that we wouldn't have to go back in and change elements of the mix.


What if I want some changes to my mixing services? No problem! This is the beauty of our online service, we can easily communicate with you to change exactly what you need. Whether it's a volume level, some pan or you'd like more/less reverb - everything is easily fixed with a few rounds of email notes or a Skype call. We do set a rule of 3 free revisions per song but we don't mind going slightly over until you're 100% happy.


What if I only ordered mixing services but now I'm considering mastering services too? Professional Mastering will really give your music the edge over amateur mastering and we pride ourselves in having one of the best mastering engineers in the online business. Andy masters everything here at Tweak Music and should you be unsure if mastering is for you, we can offer you a free demo so you can hear what our work will do for your won't be disappointed!


Should you require any more information on mixing services or have any other questions please click here to go to the contact page.


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