Apple Core i7 iMac 16 GB Ram


Apple Macbook Pro 8GB Ram


Pro Tools 10


Logic Pro 9


Lawo Discrete Analogue Summing Mixer


UAD Apollo with:




Harrison 32C EQ






Realverb Pro








SSL E Channel Strip


Dynaudio BM15A Floor Standing Monitors


Yamaha HS50M Reference Monitors


Icon Qcon Desk/Controller


Rode NT1-A Industry Standard Condenser Microphone


Dave Smith Mopho Analogue Synthesizer


Shure PGDMK4 Drum Mic Kit


Sony MDR-V6 Studio Headphones


Sennheiser HD-25 Headphones


Alesis QX49 MIDI Keyboard/Controller


40 inch HD monitor


2 x 1TB External Hard Drive for data backup




Studio custom design and treated by GIK Acoustics


Custom designed DAW designed by mastering engineer Andy Bartow


Custom Tyler Acoustics Decade Series D1x reference speakers


Dynaudio T2.5 Floorstanding Loudspeakers


Dynaudio SUB 500


Grace Design m905 Monitoring System & D/A Converter


Crown XLi 2500 – 1,500W Class A Amplifier


Crown XLS 202 200W Amplifier


Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec


Pro Tools, Nuendo and Cubase SX Equiped


Manley Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor Mastering Version


Solid State Logic (SSL) X-Logic G Series Compressor


Manley Mastering Version Massive Passive EQ


Algorithmix LinearPhase PEQ Orange


Algorithmix LinearPhase PEQ Red


Stillwell 1973 EQ


Refined Audiometrics PLParEQ


Waves Linear Phase EQ


Waves Vintage EQ


Flux Epure EQ


PEQ2B-3 Vintage Tube EQ


Tube-Tech CL 1B


FA-770 Compressor


Waves SSL Stereo Compressor


Waves API 2500


Waves Vintage Compressor


Flux Pure Compressor


Stillwell Bombardier Buss Compressor


Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor


C1 and C4 Compressors


Alesis 3630 Compressor


E-Tube Tape Warmer


Reverbs Hard and Soft Including IRx 5.2


Waves L2 Ultramaximizer & L3 Multimaximizer Limiters


BrickWall BW2S-XP Limiter


Blue Tubes Master Limiter LM-2S


Waves X-Noise Restoration Software


Sony MDR-V900 Headphones


Sony DTC-A7 DAT Machine


Taiyo Yuden CDs for the best quality (unless


otherwise requested)


Everything is burned Red Book Standard


Complete backups of every project stored in our library


Custom built Radio Transmitter allows us to hear your Final Master from several different systems, and over the Airwaves.


Our Mastering Studio provides WorldWide Mastering Services for all genres of music.




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