Peter Carter is owner and Chief Mixing Engineer at Tweak Music. In his own words he says “I can relate to any kind of music from classical through to gabber techno, I love it all”.


Peter is based out of his city centre studio in Manchester, United Kingdom and has been a full-time Mixing Engineer and Producer for the last 7 years and uses a superb mix of analogue and digital equipment.


He first got into music when he was 7 years old, listening to Michael Jackson and The Prodigy and would often pretend he was DJ’ing on the CD cases whilst breaking down the elements of the songs in his head. At age 16 he started picked up a pair of Technics turntables and started spinning and collecting vinyl. Fast forward 8 months and he was doing his first gig in an over 18′s, 1000 capacity venue.


He moved out of home at 16 and went on to study Music Technology in Nottingham’s Prestigious Confetti Studios whilst DJ’ing at events around the country. Whilst learning his craft he would often help friends in bands to record and mix their songs and would add in some of his signature electronic sound. At age 21 he hooked up with Cian Ciaran from the band Super Furry Animals and started working in their Cardiff based studio on everything from audio for film to producing techno and running record labels whilst playing at the band’s after-shows .


Peter has mixed well over 1,000 songs in every genre imaginable and is working with music every day. The artists he has mixed for have gone on to get record deals, gigs and he regularly works for the company who create the music for the biggest Hollywood Blockbusters.

Tweak Music’s Chief Mastering Engineer Andy works on every Mastering Project that comes to us. Bartow found his way into Mastering after four exciting years of college. Playing in several bands, Bartow began to discover that he enjoyed working with the P.A. system more than being on stage. Soon realising his true passion was in the production side of music he began to take on the role as the sound engineer for several local bands. Desperately looking for a way to get his foot in the door as a recording engineer, he called every studio he could get in contact with.


At a time when recording studios are closing as a result of the skyrocketing popularity of home recording. Bartow was aware of the fact that studios were not hiring, and he decided to turn elsewhere in order to pursue his interests in recording. After applying for several jobs as a broadcasting engineer, a local radio station offered him the opportunity to engineer three separate syndicated programs. Bartow quickly established himself as a talented engineer with a good work ethic, and he was soon offered engineering work at a reputable recording studio. Not one to remain idle, he steadily worked his way up to tracking, editing, mixing, and eventually mastering after overseeing and collaborating on numerous projects.


Realising the void between home recorded projects and professionally produced albums, Bartow started mastering online in an effort to bridge the gap for independent artists who can’t afford expensive mixing and/or mastering engineers.


Today, Andy’s state-of-the-art mastering facility has gained a steady stream of clientele based solely on word of mouth. Artists not only continually return to Tweak Music to have their projects mixed and mastered, but also highly recommend our services to others as well. As a well-established online studio, our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality of mixing and mastering to each of our clients. We treat each artist’s music as if it were our own.

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher


world of knowledge which comprehends mankind


but which mankind cannot comprehend.”


-Ludwig van Beethoven


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