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Hi there,

Thanks for showing an interest in Tweak Music. We’re a super-streamlined Online Audio Mixing and Mastering Service with over 26 years combined experience in mixing and mastering for thousands of extremely happy clients.

Our goal is to provide you with outstanding Mixing and Mastering services, using only the very best analogue and digital equipment, with super-experienced engineers whilst providing rock-bottom prices.

We are ultra-experienced in every genre from Classic Hip Hop to Heavy Metal, Movie Soundtracks, Classical Music in Surround Sound, Psychedelic Rock... and everything in between!

Our seasoned engineers and separate Mixing and Mastering studios are fully equipped to work on any project you may throw at us.

We work closely with amateur artists right thru to high-end worldwide acts and producers. We also work on audio for video games and project is too big or small!

Some of our credits include Mixing, Mastering and Production for:

ulThe Vet Boi (Grammy Award Nominated, has worked with P Diddy, Outkast, TLC)

ulPhantom Power (Producers of the music for Call Of Duty, The Bourne Identity, Transformers etc)

ulChief Engineer Peter Carter, who has had songs played on BBC Radio 1, produced music with Cian Ciaran of Super Furry Animals, composed soundtracks for world-famous dramas and performed them live in surround sound.

With Tweak Music You’ll get:

ulA totally balanced mix and master due to our top of the range monitors in our acoustically treated, separate mixing and mastering studios (these are not simple home studio setups which a lot of online companies use!)

ulYour final product will be ready for radio play, label release, or to stick up on Soundcloud.

ulAll instruments will be sat in their own space with proper positioning after being worked through our analogue equipment.

ulYou’ll have direct communication with your engineer via email, phone and Skype.

ulYour vocals (if any) will sound perfectly compressed, de-essed and each syllable crystal clear in the mix.

ulYou’ll get up to four free revisions of your song to ensure you’re 100% happy.

ulYou won’t have to try and bodge the mix or master yourself… leave it to the professionals, our trained ears and top notch studios will ensure perfection.

Here’s what some of our recent clients have to say about working with us:


"Thanks for the super mastering Tweak Music. Please get the people from over the pond intUNed. You guys have major talent!!!" - Award Winning Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Publisher, and DJ, Ricco Lumpkins aka the Vet Boi.


"Working with Tweak Music was fantastic.  They're passionate, friendly guys and their service is second to none.  They make sure you’re 100% happy with everything before signing off and needless to say we have been getting world wide radio play and gigs in London since the release of our album!" - Something Personal


"Imagine my shock and surprise when a roomful of people who I didn’t know told me that while they loved my music the voice was too low and the instrument sounded off."

I have a degree in music technology, I’ve run record labels and recording studios. I've produced albums for major labels like Sony and EMI but here I was standing in a room where I was being told my music sounded like shit.

After Peter and Andy’s Phenomenal work on my album I can now focus on my performance and not mixing and mastering.  Without these men there would be no project" - Frank Kenney

We've made it as easy as humanly possible to create an account and upload and download your audio through our website.  We can access your data and get to work right away on your project.

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This is Richard Epperson’s album we mixed and mastered for him. Below is what he had to say about working with Tweak Music

‘’The rate quoted for the album was an absolute steal. All of my questions were answered more or less instantly via email and Skype. Most quotes I got ranged from $175 per song all the way up to $900 per song so you don’t only give the best service, you’re also the best priced!’’

We have even been at the point where we had Grammy award winning engineers calling us up saying we are going to put them out of business if we keep our rates so low!

Please take a look at our Rates page to check out our current rates. These are due to rise next week so please get in as quick as you can.

We are always busy mixing and mastering in both studios so we can only work with artists who we feel are 100% serious about taking their music to the next level.

Once you upload your project, we will take a look and get in contact to let you know the next steps.

We look forward to hearing your music.

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